Yummy Little Lunch

About 2 years ago I found out I was allergic to both yeast and wheat!!!! Bread being my favorite food in the whole world, this was a tragedy. A month after being yeast/wheat free I started feeling amazing!!!!! I had more energy, my digestion was amazing and I couldn't gain weight if I tried!!! Here is a little lunch recipe I eat about once a week. Bon Apetite!

Ingredients: one bag brown rice pasta, organic broccoli, minced garlic, goat cheese.
-Boil water and add in brown rice pasta (amount desired)
-While pasta is cooking add freshly cut and cleaned organic broccoli
-After about 10 minutes taste pasta to make sure it is cooked to proper texture, if not continue boiling
-Drain and rinse pasta and brocolli in a strainer and return mix to pan
-Turn heat to low and throw in garlic, olive oil and goat cheese
(for a bit more spice top with crushed red pepper)
Yummy! Enjoy!

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