5 Red Flags in Reading a Mans Facebook

So this article comes from much experience of the Facebook flirtation. I know the story... you meet a guy out, you flirt and become friends on Facebook. I am warning you now that if he has any of these 5 red flags, enter with caution!!!

1. He has no Facebook Wall.
There is no reason for a person to not have a Facebook wall unless they are scared someone might see what others write... for this reason if your prospect is wall-less consider him ball-less too. He probably has a girlfriend or a consistent set of girls that don't know about each other... get out while you can.

2. He has no Facebook Status.
One is not on Facebook because they have to be, it is for the sole purpose of social networking. Any readily available single guy is more then fine labeling that on his Facebook, why would he cockblock himself? If a man has no relationship status on his page, it is because: A. He never will be in a relationship or bounces around so frequently its embarrassing for the public eye... or B. He has a girlfriend and somehow has finagled his way into convincing her that this is not a problem.

3. He cuts out other people, leaving only himself in a photo or even worse, has a mirror photo.
There is no reason a man should have a need to cut others out of his photos unless he is an insecure asshole. A picture alone, fine, but a cut out is a straight sign that this guy is on security struggle street. A mirror photo is just repulsive... and I feel all women should enlighten the opposite sex on how unattractive we really think these are...

4. He has any of the following: Model, Snowboarding (mid trick) and Surfing photos, or UFC/ Training and Crossfit Photos... unless he is one of the Following: Male Model, Professional Athlete or an Entertainer of some kind. Come on guys... it is lame and pathetic to show the world your half ass skills or glory days... this is so apparent I think it goes with out saying. Unless you really are Tyrese or some kind of Knar Shredding god, leave it alone... it makes you look pathetic.

5. He is on Facebook more then you are... or hits on you without even knowing you via Facebook. He has to have a life... and unless he does online marketing research... he needs to pipe down.

This is a lesson to women on how to be more douche-aware while online shopping for men... but men, come on the biggest lesson is for you. If you have one or heaven forbid, more then one of these red flags... just check yourself.

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