Dating? Think in 3s

Last night I was having a discussion to one of my best friends about dating and how hectic it is, when brilliance struck me. I noticed that when I stick to my trusty dating philosophy whole heartedly, I always make out, but when I slip up and have a sappy girl moment it all collides in my face.

The trick to being a single girl in her 20s is threes. While dating is such a mind fuck, a girl needs to have her army. Do I call, or wait for him? Do I text back, or wait until tomorrow? Should I wait to have sex, or have sex the first night? The number three is the trick. A women should have 3 men to pass time with while single. One she likes a lot, one she can flirt with any time day or night because he is the ‘old faithful’ and a man who is not realistically a type she would date, but oh so much fun.

The Main Squeeze.
The Main Squeeze is the man you could see yourself with eventually. He is the one you fancy the most and the one you are most concerned about. Usually most of the reason you use the other two men is to make sure you do no smother or spook this man.

The Old Faithful.
In the past my Old Faithfuls have been anyone from an ex boyfriend to someone you barely know. This is a guy that usually should be the man you would never be with because you aren’t attracted to him or there is something missing, but he is really good for your ego

The Facade.
The Facade is a man who could be perfect for you but lives too far, is dreamy but his work involves massive amounts of travel, or is just a womanizer. I would have to say the facade is usually the most fun to flirt with because he isn’t realistic. This man upholds your attention and can get your mind off anyone when necessary.

The most fun part of dating in Threes is that it is so unpredictable. The facade could move into the Main Squeeze and vice versa. A new man could come into the picture and knock out another on the list. These men should be gently utilized until one man sweeps you off your feet and takes you off the market... I am not condoning cheating. Also, one can attempt 4, but personally I found it overwhelming. This is my trick to singledom in 2011... good luck ladies x

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