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I am most excited with the newest addition to my blog, 10 with a 10. It entails 10 questions with a man, who without a doubt is a girls wet dream (i.e. a 10.) I must admit the questions sent via formspring truly inspired this article.

Matthew Felker is a super specimen from Wisconsin. Matt is single living amongst both coasts of America, while successfully modeling and acting. On Friday night I sat down and grilled him for insight into the male brain and libido. Not only is he one of the most intelligent, witty men I have met, he makes me want to dry hump like a 6th grader.

1. What is your favorite aspect of a female?

Physically/ hands and feet. Total deal breaker first thing i look at. A girl that has something going on of her own is a turn on... Her own career, her own interests. Her own life. It's great to be in a relationship and learn new things from a woman.

2. Biggest turn off in regards to the opposite sex?

Biggest turn off physically is a girl who bites her nails. It screams insecurity to me. If a girl has to name drop someone who thinks she is cool that she dated in the past or knows, thats a complete boner killer as well. Nothing makes me want to run away faster than insecurities. I dated a girl once who in every conversation would have to reiterate a compliment someone gave her about how great she looked physically. Huge turn off

3. Tits or ass?

I dont think it really matters.. I'm into faces, I like clean classically pretty girls. Girls that dont wear makeup.. Beachy surfer girls are great. The style and attitude is refreshing. I just like fit girls, not too muscular but fit. If you have boobs.. its a bonus but not a requirement

4. If you found your perfect girl, how would you know?

I think its hard to know if you have found the perfect girl.... Ive thought I've found it before, but we are no longer together.. so it must not be so perfect... lol.. We all have flaws.. and a perfect match is two people being able to live with the flaws.. they aren't going to change so either accept it or move on. People in LA especially confuse lust with love. The butterflies wear off and they move on.. A real partner is someone who stay along for tough times after the honeymoon is over.

5. Would it turn you off if she slept with you on the first date?

If i know I can sleep with a woman on the first date....One word is going through my mind... its a four letter word. "slut." Sleeping with a girl on the first date is a no go for a relationship.... If she tells you -"I'm just so attracted to you thats why." She's lying and screwing everyone after dinner. You aren't special. Never date a girl you nailed after an 80 dollar dinner.

6. What is your favorite sexual position and why?

My favorite sexual position? For a blog? Is this playboy? Google a blumpkin.... (ps its a joke)

7. What turns you on?

Hands.. huge turn on.. I think i said it before.. because they are what touches you. A girls scent is a huge turn on too, I can tell if I will have any relationship with a girl by her natural scent. You just know, when you lay next to them, the smell of the pheromones, it's animalistic, it's either there or it isn't.

8. Are you a relationship guy or a free bird and why?

I am single, I am enjoying it. Living in Los Angeles most of the year, the dating pool is slim. It's a city unfortunately filled with girls desperate for fame and stardom. Men symbolize a stepping stone for their shallow "dreams" Either that or they are used for gaining material things. Never say never, but I'll probably remain single unless I move from LA. George Clooney has the right idea. Women in LA are on a barter system trading up trying to sleep their way to the middle. Newsflash ladies.. doesn't work.

9. What is your best advice for women in regards to catching a suitor?

Be real and honest with your intentions. Do you like him because he's really good looking? famous? has a good job? boat loads of money? Or do you like him because he treats you well and adores you. If you come from an honest place with honest intentions you will never lose. Happy hunting!

10. Why are YOU single

Why am I single?... I'm not going to settle for someone I'm not head lover heels in love with. I'm a hopeless romantic, I want to be in love with a girl from head to toe, love her family, love her friends, love everything about her... until I find that there is no point in wasting time.. Time is the most important thing, you never get it back. People immerse themselves in relationships to forget about a heartbreak or their lives.. but in reality its just wasting time masking the issue..

Obsessed yet???

Find more of Matt practically nude in the new movie coming out soon titled "Balls to the Walls..." Yeow!

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