Break Ups... Men vs. Women

So, I have gotten a huge response to the previous break up post I wrote... so I figured I would write a follow up comparing the male and female initiative responses to a serious break up. All of us have been there... you are dating someone who makes the world spin (in a good way) and then all of a sudden it is over. He/she is gone and you are supposed to pretend that you are fine and that it never happened. I am here to tell you that it is normal, it did happen, and grieving is part of the process. With this being said grieving is not something to milk. One day you will wake up and really be ready to move on, and when that day comes, start over.
My real inspiration to this article comes from a male friend of mine who broke up with his fiance almost a year ago. He is extremely good looking, very talented and has a heart of gold. In his younger years one might say he was quite the play boy, and not to be taken seriously in a relationship. He met a girl, fell in love and it broke. He explained to me that he has not had any female contact since. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY! I am not telling you to go grieve on the opposite sex, but keep your options open. Closing your mind to any romantic possibilities because of some dumb ass you dated is NOT healthy.
After this conversation I realized no matter how different male and females are, break ups are still break ups. No one knows how to handle them and no one can lead you to the perfect path because it is all up to you and knowing yourself. Follow your head, follow your instincts and do not shut off the opposite sex because who knows what's waiting behind the next corner.

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