Dating... a few Do's and Don'ts

After becoming single in January, Iwas on a feeding frenzy of men. No, it was not Cinemax style, but dates 4 times a week and every other person I know trying to set me up with god knows who. I have dated every type and every kind, and I can now officially tell you: yes, they mostly are 'all the same.' Here are a few tips for first dates whether they be blind, almost blind or an old faithful
1. ALWAYS have a back up plan. Have a friend 'on call.' Someone you can text mid awkward convo to call and make an emergency escape route!
2. Give him a chance! I made the mistake of shrugging off so many in the first 5 minutes based solely off looks. These men can not only become good friends, THEY MAY HAVE HOT FRIENDS!!!
3. Make him plan the date. You can tell a lot off men based on where and what the date entails. If the first date a man puts up his gloves and does everything to impress you. If you are a high maintenance girl and date is not impressive, then kick him to the curb. It won't get any better from then on so read the date like a resume.
4. I know I said earlier that most men are 'all the same' but do not lose hope!!! I have found the diamond in the rough when least expected. When you are done looking and content and simply dating for the sport, he will come... kiss you on your forehead and make you fall in love without even trying.

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