Man Up Ladies...

This is what I have learned about men in the last 25 years. First off, no matter how ugly or pathetic they are, they act like children. They will push you to see how far they can, and how much they can get away with. All men cheat... unless they think you will leave them. That being said, they have to love and respect you enough to care if you leave them. You have no idea how many women I have spoken to about their floozy other halves, taking full advantage of them. These men walk all over these poor damsels and distress is an understatement to describe their ego bashed, slightly overweight and under appreciated self. The best part is most of these men are making a bit over minimum wage and resemble Donald Trump- with less money, less hair and more weight. If possible, become a lesbian, your life will carry on much simpler. In the case that you aren't sexually attracted to women, man up. Think with your cock. Treat a man like he treats you. If he is not calling you like you wanted, or treating you like you wanted, fight fire with fire. When you start getting sad or feeling sorry for yourself think, "What would he be doing in this situation." Odds are- it isn't sitting with a box of Oreos, sobbing like a 4 year old. I took up this mentality about 8 months ago and have to say it works marvelously. Men can smell the masculinity in your ora and therefore don't fuck with you. They treat you how you treat them... this is the ultimate goal in a relationship... so I say, PLAY BALL BITCHES.

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