Orgasms... what keeps us from having them and what makes us fake them?

Lately I have been struck with a real predicament. As a single girl, I am trying to date and give men a real chance before I move on to the next one. What is it that makes me so attracted to one man where orgasms come practically effortlessly, then the next man just doesn't do it for me? So the latest victim, let's call him "John Doe" - He had all the qualities of an attractive male. His face was handsome, his body wasn't exactly hot, but wasn't bad either and sexually we seemed compatible. For some reason I just could not ever hit the big O. I pride myself in being a pretty good actress, therefore never allowing him to know how bored I was with our sex life, but why? Why didn't I just tell him "NO, you didn't do it for me." I started overanalyzing and comparing partners... and the only conclusion I can come to from all of this is- The more secure a man, the more attention he pays to you in the sack, and the more turned on you get. Every really insecure man I have ever dated, just didn't do it for me... I am sick of saving men's egos and lying... from now on- no more lying. This is a 2 way street... especially at the beginning of dating. I get sooooo many questions from girls asking me this exact question- "Why can't I orgasm with my new man." Stop wondering and start wandering... onto the next one.

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