Relationship vs Romance

What does one really want when it comes to a relationship? Is it commitment, someone to make you feel like you are not alone, a best friend? If you ask a woman to honestly admit what she wants in a partner, most will say: "I want the passion." Women were raised reading stories of Prince Charming and watching movies where love always found them in the end. What if Prince Charming was created by women for women? I have been in love, lust and everything in between and can honestly say that I am never as happy in a relationship as I am alone. The constant disappointment of continuously waiting for a man to become my Prince Charming is emotionally draining and unrealistic. There is something to be said about just simply dating for romance and not to find my 'soulmate'... Call me selfish, but I like the idea of multiple men pining for my attention and showering me with affection in hopes of trapping me... it is much more appealing then cleaning, cooking and dating a man who has stopped giving me emotional and romantic satisfaction because I am stuck with him. Maybe I am too cynical for love? Maybe my standards are too high? Maybe I will meet my 'Prince Charming' and come back to write a follow up with my tail between my legs admitting I was wrong. Until then, I will stick to my theory and demand romance, not a relationship... because romance is what makes my heart pitter patter.

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