My favorite piece of Jewerly by N.OM

A girlfriend of mine, well actually an inspiration of mine, named Natalia is a creator and lover. The first encounter of Natalia in my life was both memorable and amazing. She is the type of person you actually want to be around because her good energy is sooooo contagious. She is the most unique and wonderful person I ever met. Her business, N.OM jewelry is taking off... so get it while you can. Natalia hand makes each piece for you individually and no one will ever have the same piece; She puts all of her wonderful energy in each piece. For Christmas I purchased my sister and mom necklaces, and couldn't help but to buy one for myself.

Here is the description that came with mine:
Stefanie: Taurus: grounded, patient & determined, hard working, invigorating & strengthening
Blue Chalcedony: good for communication, acts as a shield & facilitates emotional inspiration / opens your throat chakra, healthy communication
Dravite (brown): good for protection, good for the aura & connection to the Earth / grounds you in your root chakra
Blue Lapis Lazuli: helps disorganization, relationships & tapping into dreams / opens up your brow chakra

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