Truths to NEVER Share with your boyfriend

I know the story... you meet, you fall in love and you can't ever picture him becoming your ex or betraying you. The real truth is, you either marry or break up with every man you date, so consider your odds. These are the truths you never tell any boyfriend, ever.

1. Your girlfriends dirty secrets. I have had a past experience in the flesh where I confided in one of my ex's about a friends dirtiest secret. He then held it over my head in a ex blackmail battle! The cliche "men come and go but girlfriends are forever" is sad, yet very true.

2. Your true sexual partner number. No matter what your significant other says, he is silently judging you when you disclose your number. Whether is be 4 or 40, this is something to keep on the hush!

3. Your ex files. Admitting to the past and past experiences, especially negative, act as a red flag for men. Never admit to sleeping with your best guy friend or making your ex boyfriend an enemy because these past experiences you don't think twice about, he will!

4. Your passwords!!! Every ex I have ever had has snooped via facebook, email, etc. Even if it is the most harmless message, the male mind can transform this into a complete affair and he will therefore act accordingly silently out of insecurities!

5. Nudies, head included. My rule of thumb: If you don't want the internet to see your photo, don't send it! If your head is cut out, it is not recognizable. Throw a boobie head shot in there and remember, odds are he has sent it to his friends at least... if not to show the whole world out of anger post break up.

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