Happiness 101

This article is dedicated to all the amazing women out there searching for happiness within themselves.  The following activities are my favorite ways to find happiness and insure a gratifying life.  

 Find your inner Yogi. Not to long ago I was struck with severe anxiety attacks that led me into a state of depression.  There are so many happy pills out there that promise a quick fix, but they still hold second to Yoga.  Yoga allows one to balance mind, body and soul keeping you sane and happy, appreciating the little things in life.  I practice at least three times a week and always follow my practice with a warm cup of tea and a wonderfully refreshing exhale.  
A good glass of wine with my girls.  There is nothing that comes close to a fun night with the girls I love.  I genuinely start to get a little depressed when I haven’t seen them in a while.  Sharing the good times and the bad, they never fail to make me laugh all night and usually through the entire next day.  
Take a Staycation monthly. Whether getting a little facial or a long day of massages, pampering myself never fails to spark the inner happiness and give me  an instant state of relaxation.  Recently, I have had to cut costs so a vacation is out of the picture, but a staycation is not.  Research a little and there is usually a great rate at a really nice hotel that includes discounts in their spa.  Spend the whole day on you, appreciating yourself.  
Cooking with love.  Inviting someone over I love, be it family, friends, or a date, and creating a special meal filled with love always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  There is something so special about making dinner for someone you love.  Enjoying the taste of a perfect meal you created in great company leads to an incredible evening.  
Finding your inner sex pot. Spend an hour in a lingerie shop trying on the most fabulous, provocative ensembles and buy your favorite.  Nothing's better then wearing new lingerie under an outfit and feeling sultry all day or night with a hint of naughtiness because only you know.  
Smell your way to daily delight. Scent has been proven to alter mood and is the perfect way to lift you spirits.  Both Lavender and Jasmine have showed to promote positive emotions and keep you calm and serene.  I love finding a good oil or perfume to lather on that can keep me smiling all day.
 Spending time in a philanthropic manner.  Helping others and giving back is a wonderful way to humble yourself and keep happy.  Not only does this give you a sense of instant gratification, it helps someone not as fortunate as you.
Looking at Life as if it was your first or last day on Earth.  Someone told me this trick a while back and I try to exercise this daily.  When you go somewhere, walk into the situation or place as if you had never been there before.  Notice the tiny details and allow every one of your senses to experience everything.  There is so much wonderfulness that would be forever overlooked without this exercise.  
Finding your inner child.  Have you ever noticed that children seem to always be busy pretending and thrilled with the smallest things.  Collecting board games has been a guilty pleasure of mine and it never fails to make everyone exultant. Just one way to revisit childhood. 
 Smiling at Strangers.  Make a conscious effort to flash a huge smile at everyone you see for one whole day.  Watch how contagious a good grin can be and how gleeful you will remain that whole day.  Yes, there are the incurable frowners, but their reaction to your perky persona will make you laugh inside, regardless. 

- “Some pursue happiness - others create it.”

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