Dream Weaver

Lately I have been having some REALLY strange dreams.  This inspired me to reiterate what some common dreams apparently mean according to the book "Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life," by Lauri Quinn

You're Being Chased.
A very common dream for women more then men, this suggests that you are running from something or avoiding something/someone.  This is your minds way of telling you that you have to face your problems and should subside once you resolve the issue at hand.

Your Teeth are Falling Out.
This is meant to symbolize a missed opportunity or situation that went not as you had planned.  Whether it be something you said that came out wrong or was interpreted in a manner that wasn't intentional, it is all related to words; teeth can represent words in dreams.

You're Falling.
When you fall in your dreams sometimes waking you up in a panicky state, it symbolizes worry.  Usually this dream is linked to some area of your life that you are worried is going down in flames.

Sleep Tight.  Don't let the Bed Bugs Bite.

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