"A man's kiss is his signature." - Mae West

So we have all been there.  You go out with a prospect, the date goes well and then you lock lips... and he completely ruins all that he built up with one simple kiss! WTF... I am 26 years old and am completely confident that I have spent enough hours to perfect my kissing techniques... What happened to these men?  Did no one have the balls to tell them that they are completely ruining the moment with their tongue karate?  Has every girl he kissed in the past enjoyed his slobbery display of affection?  This situation is mind boggling and far too common.

The last man I dated for  bit was very well acquainted with the ladies and foreign, therefore leaving little room to make excuses for his horrible make outs.  At first, I tried to pretend I could help him, and perhaps even train him. After a month or so of the mans mouth completely ruining all encounters, I couldn't look the other way anymore... so sad.  I still have not come up with a proper resolution or way to handle a man with such a flaw.  So hopefully all you kissing impaired men out there take a glance and question yourself....

1.  All girls LOVE making out.  Making out is one of the best forms of foreplay for us.  A good sesh is sure to get all our senses rocking and will in turn lead to a wayyyyy better end result for both parties.  If a girl seems shy to get a heavy make out sesh started, odds are you are a bad kisser...

2.  Kissing is like dancing.  It is an interactive situation.  If you are overtaking her mouth with your tongue she has no opportunity to join in.  Shoving your tongue down her throat is not sexy and does not make you seem passionate.  More tongue=More slobber. Beat.

3.  Biting is acceptable in small doses... a little nibble here and there is usually appreciated.  With this said, tread lightly.  Women love an aggressive man in the sack, but not someone who forgot they had lips.  Its annoying.

4.  PDA is only acceptable under 4 circumstances- that you both are so wasted it feels as though no one else is in the room, you are in a foreign county, you are Newlyweds, or you are in public but hidden from anyone in the rooms eye (think bathrooms, cars, patios, etc... get creative).

5.  Close your eyes fool.  There is nothing worse then an open eyed kisser.  It is creepy and a total turn off.

MEN, turn on one of those movies with heavy make outs- think Notebook, Unfaithful, Original Sin, etc... No one has their eyes open or is slobbering all over the chick!

WOMEN, my best advice is to leave your computer open and hope they read this ha!

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