Ex Sex... How to kick him to the curb!

I recently have watched everyone around me either break up or get engaged. While holding the tissue for my fellow girlfriends while they man bash their ex's, I feel so sorry for them and want to go straight to his apartment and slay their sausage!!! I am so puzzled to hear that soon after they somehow end up at their heart smashing ex's for a game of bedroom peek a boo. This leads me to question women and their rational in terms to their ex's. I once was notorious ex sexer and for some reason have seemed to wise up over the years. My advice to these women post break up: DON'T DO IT!!! Think rationally for a minute... I know that once the initial heartache starts to fade, you remember the good times. Here are my tips to avoid these sort of slip ups:
1. The night when it all sinks in, you know the night you want to take a bat to his car... make a list. List everything he did to you that you hated. Everything from the awful orgasm face he made to his little habits that pissed you off. Every time you miss him, read and reread this list.
2. Find yourself and remember how to be alone. If you talk to a woman who has been single for longer then a year, she oozes a comfort in being alone that you should envy. Make that your main goal post break up.
3. Delete him from any social networking sites you are friends on, delete his phone number and delete him! Any contact is bad contact... the longer it takes you to delete him, the longer it will take to get over him. If he does try and contact you- IGNORE HIM!
4. DATE DATE DATE. The more the merrier! Even if Joe Shmo has a snowballs chance in hell with you, he will give you an ego boost. This is what you need right now.
5. Don't show up at the local bar you both frequent. I know it's your bar too, but come on, this is headed for a drunken after shag and you are better then that!

You are so much better then him and I promise one day you will realize it.

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  1. I stumbled across your facebook page because we have a few mutual friends and I have to comment because I LOVE this post. I couldn't have said it better myself and I think most women need to read this. Good job!!