GOOD BYE wrinkles, HELLO baby skin!

While traveling with some girl friends we were having a conversation about how tough it is to find skin products that actually work! In your mid twenties some are still struggling with pimples but the acne products are too intense. At the same time, we are starting to see fine lines, but the wrinkle products make us break out. Ahhhhh! What's a girl to do? Rosehip! A good girlfriend of mine Tar, started this rumour about the mysterious rosehip oil and it stuck in my memory. While browsing through my local Mothers Market (holistic and health shop) I came face to face with the oil. I purchased the little bottle for $15 out of curiosity and have been so grateful of this amazing advice! I dab the oil in spots where I can see a wrinkle almost forming every night before bed and after a few weeks they were no where to be found!! I don't have dry skin, but I heard this works marvelously for that too!!! Hip Hip Hooray for newfound baby skin!

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