It's a cruel world

In my long life I have had as many gay friends as straight... There has been a huge number of suicide in American homosexual teens as a cause of tormenting from their peers. This is so sad and horrid. After going to dinner with a few girlfriends last night and having an in depth discussion of how cruel teens can be, I decided to write an entry about it. All of us agreed over margaritas that we were bullied as teens, but not to the extent these poor kids were. The difference remains that heterosexual teens can look to their sister, best friend or parent to give them advice because they can relate to these people. Homosexual teens are living in a world that is still not considered politically correct, they feel alone, and they feel hopeless. I am urging you to please reach out to them and not only respect them but offer an ear. There is a wonderful article I read that reads "Three words For Gay Teens: It Gets Better." Please, Please, Please make this stop.

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