Ugh I can't sleep!

For years I have been struggling with sleep... falling asleep, staying asleep, and sleeping well. I have tried every over the counter sleeping medicine and PX meds and they all never really work, and if they do, I know they are hurting my body and can feel the effects the entire next day. My new holistic remedy: Lavender oil on my temples, neck and chest right before sleep and mantras right before and during my sleep. This sounds simply insane to the Ambien popping American but I can honestly say from experience it works wayyyyyyy better. Give it a try. Simply purchase some Organic Lavender Oil and go to or and search mantra. Listen to a few until you find one that strikes your fancy, lay still and think about the mantra while falling into slumber and keep it on through the night. Happy sleep makes a happy you.

Thank you Jarrah for introducing Mantra to me and thank you lavender for being you.

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