Cold and Flu Season is Hereeeeeeeeee

Although I about overdosed on Emergen C, have been drinking water like nobody's business and taking amazing care of myself, I got the bug that has been going around. After the initial body wave that had me in bed for a few days, there still remained a lingering sniffle. My cure: Eucalyptus Steam Room. I went to my amazing gym, lathered in Eucalyptus and sat in that steam room for about 20 minutes. Inhaling the Aroma and sweating out my toxins. Perfection.

My other life saver was my new juice combo I have been indulging: Lemon, Ginger, Apple Juice. Juice equal amounts (the more ginger, the more effective) and drink. Although a bit hard to get used to at first, it really cleans out your sinuses naturally.

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