My entire life I’ve felt as though I was living in a dream.

So when I never was disappointed to find life is an illusion and never what it seems.

My memory has flashbacks and subtle nostalgic glances in the past.

Though, nothing that shook me and no memory would last.

I thought I was a cynic at heart which seemed a blessing and a curse.

Until one day i woke with a different outlook on everything, an optimistic burst.

The day seemed shorter, the night seemed less lonely, and at last I cried for the first time in years.

What is this I wondered, what is happening to me?

Excited for today, tomorrow but now emotions were my fear.

The sky looked a color I had never seen and I felt the wind on my chest.

My bath water felt healing and warm socks put my soul at rest.

I finally feel alive and although an emotional mess,

I’d rather see the day through my new eyes then waste a day for anything less.

Like a child learning to taste or a mother learning to love,

I was learning something natural it seemed almost from above.

My heart was longing for more,

my body aching for an unfamiliar touch

and my mind yearning for knowledge that would finally make it roar.

I am both a child and a woman in my heart,

but with the power of both I plan to carve my path and have a brand new start.

-xoxo Huntress

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  1. You just described the way i feel at this exact moment in my life...thank you:)