The Grass in Always Greener

So not only is this month of February the month for lovers, it is also the month to remind you of how single you really are. Instead of being swept off my feet to some romantic get away, I spent all of Valentines Day with my head in the toilet regretting the massive amounts of tequila I drank the evening before. Let it be known, no matter how many of the married or heavy relationship'ed friends you speak to, the grass is always greener (whether they admit it or not). Let us rejoice that we can go out with our girlfriends anytime without hearing about it. That we don't have to check into anyone on a daily basis. That we aren't stuck with this man we settled for, and our options are still endless. That we still can feel morally sane sleeping with whoever and whenever we want, no questions asked! There is something seriously refreshing about this and so much more. So put down the tissues, get off facebook, throw on your mini dress and get out there!

Favorite Single Activities so Far

Yoga (especially at night)- There always seems to be some hottie in a downward dog that never fails to get my heart beating like a teenager

Dog Beach- hello!!! Any man that is taking their dog to the beach is caring, loving and active. How romantic is your two pups bringing you together for a brief moment and then you can carry on while he thinks about you all day!

Lingerie Shoping for YOU- I love Lingerie and I love wearing it under clothes and feeling uber sexy because only I know. Mr. Right is going to be that much happier when he rips your clothes of with his strong hands.

Chick Flicks- I spend numerous hours watching movies that no man would ever have seen with me. Instead of having to wait to rent the movie while my boyfriends of the past slept through them, I now get a huge popcorn and indulge.

Sheet Shopping- go buy those expensive sheets you would never had in the past because they would have got ruined!!! I promise they will snuggle you way better then that ex boyfriend!

Facials- Perfect time to rip your face of with peels and pokes lasting a week. Who cares? You love yourself and don't have to face anyone if you don't want to. In one week, you will be even hotter then the week prior!

Girlfriend Trips- Spa, Wine Tasting, Vegas, whichever!!! Now is the time to cut lose and make bad decisions!!!

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