Settling or Settling Down?

Being a twenty six year old and single is a bit tricky. It’s not finding a date that’s hard, its figuring out what you want in a date that is difficult. There is this little ounce inside of you still longing for adventure and spontaneity, but there is an even stronger desire for stability and security. Is it possible to have the whole package or should we just give up and pick a side?

For years everyone has been telling me, “Oh when you meet the one, you will just know.” I will know what? That I finally am sick of dealing with emotionally unavailable men and playboys so I will stick with someone safe? That my biological clock is ticking so I will disregard the necessary giddy factor I so required in past partners and settle for a man with an established career and a Golden Retriever?

Is attracting these so called “perfect” men who are annoyingly secure a blessing or a curse? Am I dating these men because I have started to settle or is it because I am starting to settle down? If this is what I want then why is there no “wow factor?” I am starting to fear that this could be a case of the Grass is Greener syndrome.

Where to go from here... After long consideration, I’ve decided I am going to keep doing what I am doing. Dating. Dating in the plural, not singular sense. Yes, the qualities in a man that I find attractive are obviously changing with age, but I am not settling with less then perfect. When I say perfection, I don’t mean perfection to society, I mean perfection in my eyes. I want it all. Knowing that a good man is hard to come by, I won’t take these marriage material men for granted. Instead, I will search for one of them to knock me off my feet in the bedroom and prove this settling theory wrong.

Have a laugh-

"The Perfect Man is...

Never cruel or mean

He has a beautiful smile

And keeps his face so clean.

The perfect man likes children

And will raise them by your side

He will be a good father

As well as a good husband to his bride.

The perfect man loves cooking

Cleaning and vacuuming too

He'll do anything in his power

To convey his feelings of love on you.

The perfect man is sweet

Writing poetry from your name

He's a best friend to your mother

And kisses away your pain.

He never has made you cry

Or hurt you in any way

Oh, screw this stupid poem

The perfect man is gay!"

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