Hot Date in the Hot City

With dating seeming almost as a sport and not as an option these days, I decided to really go after it. What is the best way to get to know someone, fast? Travel together. As an experiment to master dating even further, I decided to take it to the next level.... and by next level I mean Vegas!!! Countless dinner dates are seeming more irritating then entertaining. So when a suitor proposed a 36 hour trip to Vegas, I thought, “Why Not?!” Here I am on a 36 hour Vegas trip with a man I vaguely know and fancy slightly... the results to continue.

Oh Vegas... I forgot how romantic it was. From the smell of the sweaty gamblers oozing booze out of their pores drifting through the casino to the seemingly STD filled pool with a flurry of men just waiting for my date to leave me long enough for them to pounce. All jokes aside, I have found the romance in a cesspool of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

Leaving, I had no expectations, which I found was key to the amount of fun I had. I laughed more then I have ever laughed the entire trip. Upon arrival, we hit the pool and gambled almost immediately... both very customary Vegas activities. After dinner, I proposed we would find a karaoke bar... and surprisingly he was game! After mortifying myself with a seductive, drunken version of Bad Company’s “Feel Like Making Love,” I decided it might be best to call quits on the night. Long story short, the plane flight to Vegas included small talk and the flight home we were holding hands.

I am fully aware that this trip could have been a nightmare that I would never forget, but what is life without risks? I definitely think the spontaneity of this trip enhanced how much fun we had and to be honest, it was the most fun I have ever had in Vegas. I would highly recommend a brief romp with a newby one is dating as long as the following 3 rules apply: First, have no expectations. The key to the success of this date was that I had not one expectation leading to a surprisingly fantastic time. Second, let go. Laughing is key to anything in life. Make your ultimate goal to have a great time and the rest will follow. Lastly, be yourself. The biggest problem I hear from men about women and dating is that they change. Women put on a facade at the beginning and then turn into a completely different person when comfortable. Finding a man to fall in love with you for you is key, not finding a man to fall in love with who they want you to be. All in all, Vegas was amazing and I am blessed with a new crush and a bad hangover. Could I ask for anything more?

And this would be another girls Vegas tale... Taxi Cab
Seems a bit more entertaining and hectic

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