My Favorite New Face Product

Battling with aging and pigmentation problems from both sun damage and acne seemed like an uphill battle. In your 20's your sensitive skin changes a lot and is starting to age but has some residual teenage-like symptoms. This little bottle has made my face do an overall 180! Every morning before you put your makeup on, mix a little with your moisturizer of choice and voila!  It's face glow in a bottle.
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Philosophy-- Turbo Booster C Powder
"The benefits of a topical antioxidant—one of the gold standards of dermatology—is as simple as adding a little sprinkle of this easy-to-use vitamin C powder to your moisturizer. Featuring 99.8% potency, this treatment powder protects skin from one of the leading causes of premature aging—free radical damage—during the day. Vitamin C also gently lightens hyperpigmentation, for a more even and radiant complexion."

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